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Everything You Need to Know About Pride Month

Before You Wave The Rainbow Flag, Here’s A List of Basic Facts Every Supporter Must Know

A Lesson on Pride Month

Decades ago, in June of 1969, members of the Gay Liberation Movement took to the streets to protest the police raid on the popular gay bar, The Stonewall Inn, to combat the unjustifiable practices against LGBTQ Americans in New York City. Today, community members and friends still march. So, why is it relevant to celebrate?

Here at Bespoke Wellness Partners, we celebrate Pride Month in June to honor the past and welcome the future of equality, justice, and safety. Lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, and now groups such as asexual and gender-fluid groups, mark this celebration to express themselves freely, experience a sense of community, show comfort in their skin, and create a safe space for acceptance. To fully celebrate this memorable month, it is essential to understand the importance and relevance of PRIDE.

How Did Pride Begin?

Pride Month is a timeless commemoration and celebration of LGBTQ+ activism. This memorable event sparked the creation of the Gay Rights Movement and holds as a powerful force for LGBTQ+ political activism, with new organizations being created after the event and the first parade being held a year later in 1970.

How Pride Got Its Name.

The name 'Pride' was created from the inspiration and dedication of Brenda Howard, a bisexual activist, and involved community member. According to, Howard organized the Christopher Street Liberation Day March in New York City and started the weeklong celebrations of Pride leading up to the modern-day pride parades. 'The Mother of Pride' was Howard's new nickname as her power and motivation for the movement showed remarkably during her efforts.

A Deeper Meaning to The Rainbow.

Of course, the Rainbow flag is what many people associate with this month-long holiday. However, the bright colors of the rainbow bring out the true meaning of what this flag represents. According to CNN, artist Gilbert Baker created San Francisco's pride celebration banner. He was commissioned by city supervisor Harvey Milk, one of America's first openly gay politicians. The different groups within the LGBTQ+ community are represented by different colors, which Baker was sure to capture.

The bright pink showcases sexuality, the red color represents life, orange is a symbol of healing, yellow portrays sunlight, green resembles nature, blue represents art, indigo appears as peace, and violet is used to denote spirit. According to, members added black and brown colors to the flag in 2017 to honor diverse individuals in the community. There have been other variations, including the Progressive Pride Flag and shades of light pink, blue, and white for the transgender community.

How can everyone, including you, come together to support these individuals? Whether through a phone screen or face-to-face, nothing gets in the way of celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ activists that continue to change the world.

Here Are Some Ways to Celebrate PRIDE Year-Round:

Participate in Marches!: Pride picnics, pride rallies, and parades occur across America this month. This year's theme is "The Fight Continues," in memory of the riots.

Get involved: Celebrating Juneteenth, attending town hall meetings, or participating in resources such as The White House's LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge can get you more involved and knowledgeable.

Support a Loved One in Need: We recently wrote a blog post on how you can support someone coming out, how to react, and overall, how being open can benefit both parties. For more information, you can find the article here!

Seek Mental Help: Reaching out to a therapist can be extremely helpful during times of change. For many years, our team at Bespoke Wellness has been conquering mental illness with a holistic strategy. Using a specific method called the KARMA method, our professionals help clients overcome obstacles to help them have more satisfaction in their lives. Schedule an appointment to be matched with one of our top-quality clinicians. If you need assistance, we are always here for you.

Stay Educated: Support LGBTQ authors by reading their novels and supporting their ground-breaking survivor stories. Follow social media gay activists, actors, authors, and other influencers to be updated on how you can support their latest work and stay updated on any philanthropic work they’ve done! Attend FREE virtual or in-person seminars in your area to get involved.

Donate: The Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, and GLSEN are some organizations you can contribute to, but the list is endless! Also, check out resources from the Administration on Children and Families' National Clearinghouse on Youth and Families to help youth services support the organization more effectively.

NYC Annual Pride Parade: On June 26th, 2022, New York City hosted its annual PRIDE Parade for the 28th year. Being the biggest celebration in the tri-state area, millions of members and allies of the gay community came together with extravagant outfits and accessories. They waved the rainbow flag proud and high! NYC honors pride month year-round and celebrates a future without discrimination and with equality under the law. As a march, we came together to inspire, educate, and commemorate the rich history and forward-thinking advocates that help shape the future of our nation.

Thank you so much for reading and helping Bespoke Wellness Partners support Pride and the LGBTQ+ community! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we are always here to help at Bespoke Wellness Partners and we are just a phone call away at 646-596-7797 and by email at!

Keep in touch on social media and follow us @bespokewellnesspartners to see our latest updates!

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