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There was a time when psychotherapy was a private and creative exploration between clinician and client. When the relationship between the two participants was completely confidential, almost sacred. When the themes, directions and goals of psychotherapy were determined exclusively by the therapist and the client.


All of that has changed drastically as a result of psychotherapy’s inclusion into the larger health care system. Embedding psychotherapy within the conventions of modern healthcare has caused great harm to both clients and clinicians, with significant declines in quality, loss of privacy and loss of autonomy. The prevailing insurance model is one in which patients are nearly-randomly assigned to often inexperienced “providers” and the focus of treatment is narrowly defined.


At Bespoke Psychology, we have an entirely different orientation. Our clinicians are personally selected from among the most renowned psychologists in the New York Metropolitan area. Our process is designed so that the client-therapist match is based on strict criteria that correspond to each client's individual makeup and issues. There is no third-party intrusion into the therapeutic process, and the content of the sessions is kept entirely confidential, with no reporting to any outside entities.