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Yoga has been shown to increase physical and mental wellness. This 45-minute yoga class will incorporate physical poses and movements with mindful breathing and relaxation.

Mats are provided

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Life (especially these days) can be stressful and demanding which can have serious repercussions on our physical health and weaken our immune system, and cause insomnia, heart disease, infections, high blood pressure, all types of disorders, etc. Sometimes, simply taking time to pause and calm the mind for 45 minutes can be enough to feel better in the moment, and it enables us to be kinder and less judgmental of ourselves and others.


Join Chopra Center of Wellness Certified Meditation Instructor and The Power of Awareness Educator Sarit Lotem for a mindfulness and relaxation meditation session to help you bring peace, calmness, and joy back to your life.


Together we'll find an island of calm within.

Mats are provided
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Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio is a high energy, beats-based dance workout led by Katie Soloway, Professional Dance and Fitness Instructor. This workout program focuses on cardio moves and follow-along dance steps designed to raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and make you smile!

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