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A Mental Fitness Club for Girls

With GIRL TALK, Bespoke Wellness Partners hopes to:


  • Create a new culture for young girls where they develop a positive sense of who they are and how they think, feel, and act

  • Empower young girls, promote wellness, and improve mental wellbeing

  • Build strong foundations for leading a healthy and happy life at a pivotal point in a girl's life

  • Show the power and value of community

  • Teach evidence-based cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills

Week 1: Introduction to Mental Fitness

We learn what a "healthy mind and body" actually means

Week 2: The Power of Positive Thinking and Knowing Your Feelings

An introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behavior

Week 3: Beyond the Broccoli

Nourish your body; nourish your mind

Week 4: Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Body image, self-esteem, and the material world

Week 5: Generation "TikTok"

How do we navigate the world of social media and online bullying?

Week 6: Intro to Mindfulness

Learn the foundations of mindfulness and five basic techniques

Week 7: Mind/Body Connection Through Movement

A sampling of different movement activities, such as yoga, dance, and more!

Week 8: Self-Expression Through Art & Writing

Finding space and creativity to express yourself through art

Week 9: Social Skills & Healthy Relationships 101

How to cope with and manage relationships with healthy communication

Week 10: Safety Skills & Making Safe Choices

Increasing help-seeking behavior and gaining knowledge of safe choices

Week 11: Kindness & Community

Cultivating life values of service and giving back

Week 12: Wrap-Up/Conclusion

Reflection and next steps!

5th Grade Program: Mondays, March 16 - June 8, 3:30 - 5:00pm

6-8th Grade Program: Thursdays, March 19 - June 11, 3:30 - 5:00pm

Snacks & drinks included

Pick-up from local schools, if needed

Interested in enrolling your daughter in GIRL TALK?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with us today!

Girl Talk
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Find Your Confidence Through Movement

"Motion creates Emotion" - Tony Robbins

  • Learn how you can use your body to feel good and confident anytime

  • Learn a fun dance routine

  • Learn the most popular TikTok dances

  • Making of a TikTok video that shows your strength and who you are

  • Learn tools that will empower you

TIKTOK POSITIVE is a four-week dance workshop series for girls

5th Grade Program: Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 3:30 - 4:30pm

6-8th Grade Program: Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 4:45 - 5:45pm

Snacks & drinks included

Interested in enrolling your daughter in TIKTOK POSITIVE?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with us today!

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