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The Best

A person with an eating disorder may have any body type.

Treatment is available and recovery is possible in many forms.



When I started working with Bespoke, I was in an unhealthy relationship and in a very dark place. I wasn’t sure what i needed. my therapist was able to help me understand how the events in my life brought me to that place and, after only 8 months, she truly helped and guided me to be the best version of myself. She always knew the right questions to ask and was honest and direct when needed. Most importantly, she offered me the tools and skills needed to help myself.

The Bespoke team was also able to help my family. I’m a single mother with a child on the spectrum. I didn’t know where to get the help I needed. My team quickly analyzed my whole situation and supplied me with various providers to help us: Child Therapists, Dietitians, a Fitness Trainer and an Academic Coach. The best part is that they all collaborated to treat my family, not one specific person or need. I like the seamless experience and personal care. And I especially love that I can reach out to anyone on the team with questions and they respond quickly and with love.

I am now in a much better place emotionally and physically and I owe that all to Limor and the team.



- Shuly G.-


Bespoke provided me with a safe place to express my thoughts and feelings and I never felt judged. After working with Bespoke for a year, I was able to better understand that my thoughts affect the way I feel and behave.  I gained the strength and confidence that I needed and was able to redirect my thoughts to a much more positive place.


My therapists' kind, caring and positive attitude helped me confidently overcome my challenges. Bespoke also provided my family with Elle, who is a smart, energetic Dietitian. She took the time to help establish goals and she created healthy meals for me and my son. I have lost 10lbs. in 3 months and feel so much better about myself. The Bespoke team did an exceptional job and their love and care is very unique.



- Christina S.-


I came to Bespoke when I was having a major breakdown in my life. On the very first session, I knew I had the right psychologist. My psychologist was able to help me get through a very rough time.

She supported and guided me through my self discovery and allowed me to feel as comfortable as I could in our sessions. After each session I felt motivated to live my life to the fullest. 



- Michael O -

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