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Mind & Body 10 Day Challenge

Give the gift of wellness to families in our community by participating in our 10 day virtual wellness challenge.  

Bespoke Wellness is on a mission to serve our community and broaden our outreach. By joining our 10 Day Mind & Body Challenge, you can help us accomplish this goal by experiencing our services for yourself. 

With 10 fitness classes, 4 meditation sessions, weekly meal recipes, and more, you will see all that Bespoke has to offer, and support future clients with your participation all the while.  

This challenge is about more than fitness—its about strengthening your whole being and creating lifestyle changes that will keep your mind & body healthy well after the 10 days.


Follow these 4 SIMPLE steps to join our wellness journey, support our community and give the gift of wellness.  

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Sign up for the 10 day challenge

Submit a payment of $75.00 to pledge your commitment to the 10 day wellness challenge.

(All proceeds will benefit the Bespoke Sponsorship fund)

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You have the choice to donate an additional amount in order to help support a family seeking our services.  

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Recommend an expert

To help us expand our wellness community, recommend an expert in the community who can donate their time to Bespoke. It can be a mental health professional, a physical wellness expert, an artist, anyone who you think can serve the Bespoke community. 


Submit a family or teen

If you know a family or teen who would benefit from our services, submit their story to give them the chance to benefit from Bespoke's sponsorship program.  


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Who Can We Help? Recommend below

Core Fitness

What is included in the

10 Day Challenge?

  • 10 Live Virtual Workouts via Zoom

    • Monday-Friday at 7:15 am ​EST join fitness instructor/Dancer Austin Marquez for 30 min high energy workout classes, accessible for all fitness levels

    • Can't make the live classes? Each live session will be filmed and uploaded for you to complete on your own time!

  • 4 Meditation Sessions

    • Clear your mind and reset your energy every Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:00pm EST with live meditation sessions with expert Sarit Lotem 

  • Live Presentations by Mental Health Professionals 

    • Join live weekly conferences by some of our mental health experts to hear motivational conversations about wellness and more​, and experience how we use our services at Bespoke. 

  • Weekly Meal Plans

    • You will receive 5 recipes a week of healthy, nutritious, easy to cook meals that will leave you feeling full and delighted.

    • You can access the meals on our membership page once you sign up.

    • Don't feel like cooking? We will include take out options as well!

  • Community 

    • You will not be alone on this challenge. You will have access to a community membership page where you can share your meals, post-workout selfies, encouragement for​ other members and progress posts!

Why Commit to the Challenge?

  • All proceeds will go towards sponsoring families and teens who can benefit from our services. 

  • Many families do not have the means to support the resources their children need, and we are striving to make Bespoke accessible for everyone.

  • Experience our services for yourself so you can see how we can help others, maybe even someone you know personally.

  • You can only help help others when you're taking care of yourself first. Take the challenge to grow individually and find tools to become the best version of yourself, so you can spread the wellness for others. 

Workout Lesson

About Bespoke Wellness Partners

At Bespoke Wellness Partners, we have an entirely different orientation than most other practices. Our clinicians are personally selected from among the most renowned psychotherapists in New York and our process is designed so that the client-therapist match is based on strict criteria that correspond to each client's individual makeup and issues.


There is no third-party intrusion into the therapeutic process, and the content of the sessions is kept entirely confidential, with no reporting to any outside entities. I created Bespoke Wellness Partners with a lot of love and care and I hope that you feel that when you call us or visit our practice.

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