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Limor Weinstein, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, previously served as the President of the New York Mental Health Association, Metro Chapter, and the Co-chair of the Academy of Eating Disorders Innovation and Technology Division. With over 20 years of experience helping individuals and families overcome various challenges, especially eating disorders, Limor created Bespoke Wellness Partners.

Limor’s journey is deeply personal; she struggled with anorexia and bulimia for over 10 years. Through her experiences, she realized the need for a structured process and supervision of clinicians to ensure clients are progressing in the right direction. Limor created Bespoke Wellness Partners to provide individuals and families with a safe space to get the support that they need.


At Bespoke, our principles are based on collaboration and a unique, in-depth assessment process developed by Limor, based on her over 10 years of research experience. This process includes pre-therapy assessments and follow-up assessments to ensure that clients are on the right path. We emphasize quality control and maintain a strict process with thorough documentation.

Our therapy process consists of three phases. The first phase is an in-depth assessment where we collect comprehensive information about the client. The second phase involves the implementation of The Bespoke KARMA™ Method, during which clients acquire specific skills through therapy. The third phase is the maintenance phase, focusing on preparing clients for the transition out of therapy and ensuring they have the tools needed to maintain their progress.

5917b-warm gold.jpg

You and Your Family Deserve
The Best

At Bespoke Wellness Partners, we put you and your family's mental health and well-being above all else. We offer collaborative, comprehensive, and personalized services to everyone in your family with a special focus on teens and young adults. Our nurturing team of licensed professionals provides the best quality care using evidence-based and creative approaches.

Meet Amelia


“Working with Bespoke Wellness Partners and experiencing the KARMA™ Method has truly changed my life. The in-depth assessment phase helped me understand my challenges in a way no other therapy had before. The skills I learned during the therapy sessions were practical and empowering, giving me the tools I needed to manage my daily life with confidence. The clinicians at Bespoke are exceptional, providing a level of care and attention that goes beyond regular therapy. It’s not just therapy; it’s life skills and therapy done right. Today, I lead a happier, more independent life thanks to Bespoke.”

— Monique H

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