5 Simple Steps to Let Go Of Your Anger!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The story of my struggle and recovery from an eating disorder is the basis for what led me to create the KARMA Method, the signature coaching and therapeutic method used by Bespoke Wellness Partners. My hope is that maybe some of these stories will resonate with you or make you more aware of where you are on your specific journey with whatever struggles you may be facing.

One day my mother walked into my room pretending to be happy. Clearly, her smile was forced, but I didn’t want to say anything to upset her. She announced, “I had a meeting at your school and the guidance counselor informed me that they found another Kibbutz that is willing to accept you even though the year started already.” I didn't say a word, but inside, I was wishing that I could disappear from this world. Forever.

As I occupied myself with other disturbing thoughts, my father walked out of the shower and walked towards the living room. “Well well well,” he exclaimed with a huge smile on his face, “it seems that there is a very important meeting going on and I am not included.” I didn't want my father to get angry because I knew what he was capable of doing.

“We're not doing anything behind your back. We are just here to talk about the possibility of me also going to a Kibbutz,” I told him. My father's facial expression shifted, and he looked at my mom with anger. He banged his hand on the table and pushed the bowl of fruit onto the floor. The glass came crashing down to the ground. After asking my dad to stop, he walked away. Minutes later, he was dressed and left the apartment with anger after slamming the door.

Have you ever felt so angry, you wanted to punch a hole in the wall, but instead, you held it all inside? Or maybe you did pursue your anger through destructive actions, and in that case, this post can help you too. In that short story from my childhood, I shared my dad’s volatile anger, but I was also feeling personal indignation. Neither one of us expressed our anger and resentment in healthy ways that got to the root of it. The goal of this blog is to help you overcome your anger in a healthy way—without bottling it up, acting recklessly, and/or becoming resentful. Here are five easy steps to try the next time you feel anger:

1. Acknowledge why you are angry.

This one sounds simple and kind of obvious, but most of us feel angry from time to time, and yet we often don’t give our anger the right love and attention. Oftentimes, we feel angry because we are hurt or confused or scared. Try to get to the root of why you are angry. Did someone or something make you angry? If you’re too quick to dismiss your anger, it can build up and start affecting more than just a few moments of your day.

2. Normalize your reaction.

Most of us get angry, but we rarely tell ourselves that it’s okay to be angry and that expressing ou