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Rise and Shine! 5 simple ways to boost your mental health daily

Do you feel like you’re all over the place mentally and physically? Are you searching for a consistent routine that will boost your mental well-being? The answers might lie within basic, daily tasks that many overlook. Here are 5 simple ways to boost your mental health on a daily basis so that you can rise and shine!

1. Make your bed

“Do I have to?” Well no, but you should! Research has shown that 71% of individuals who make their bed every morning consider themselves happy while 62% of people who don’t make their beds consider themselves unhappy. Furthermore, people who make their beds every morning reported enjoying their jobs, own a home, and exercise regularly while the non-bed-makers report disliking their jobs, rent apartments and actively avoid exercise (Dutton & Candy, 2012). Not only that, but making your bed in the morning makes it much harder for you to get back inOverall, making your bed in the morning is linked to increased success and productiveness in life, so if you want to begin your day on a positive note and start off strong, making your bed is the way to go!

2. Exercise

“Exercising” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the gym everyday and run 5 miles! Research shows that a moderate amount of exercise, whether it mean walking, playing a sport, going for a jog, lifting weights, etc., can improve one’s mood, reduce stress, improve ability to cope with stress, decrease symptoms associated with depression, and increase satisfaction with oneself (Association for Applied Sport Psychology, n.d.). An activity as simple as taking a walk outside can help one who might feel cognitively exhausted by significantly boosting self-esteem and mood (Augustin, 2010).


3. Eat a healthy meal

Bon appétit! Consistent research has found that eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, chicken and fish, and low in red meats and unhealthy fats is linked to lower risks of depression (Harvard Health Publishing, 2018). In addition, eating balanced, healthy meals helps keep one’s blood sugar stable, which in turn helps maintain one’s mood throughout the day (Clay, 2017).

4. Write down three positive things

You’re almost done with your day! You made your bed, you managed to fit some sort of exercise into your day, and you ate 3 healthy, well-balanced meals. Now, take some time to yourself and reflect back on your day. Write down 3 positive things that happened to you! This helps you focus on the good in order to outweigh any possible “bad” that tried to get in the way. It also helps to remind you of what matters most to you and/or what positive things impact you.

5. Get a full night's sleep

Making sure you get a full night of rest (7 to 9 hours) is one of the most important parts of keeping your mental health in check. The relationship between sleep and mental health is very complex but research has concluded that lack of sleep blocks one’s ability for mental processing and emotional processing. In other words, a lack of sleep will make one more forgetful, less focused, and quicker to react to emotions without processing them first (Primary Care Collaborative, 2019). More serious forms such as chronic sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of depression and panic disorders, as well as ADHD and anxiety. So make sure you tuck yourself into bed and get a restful sleep so that you can prepare to boost your mental health tomorrow!

Many people either do not prioritize their mental health, or do not have time for self-care and relaxation. Completing small, mind-easing tasks such as these are great and simple ways to take care of yourself and your mental health! If you struggle with significant issues with your mental health, please contact Bespoke Wellness Partners to arrange a consultation.

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